Would you like to be a Governor?

Make a Positive Difference

Our two governing bodies are made up of elected parents, staff, learners, the headteacher of the school/principal of the college and co-opted governors. The school governors and the college governors each meet four times a year. There are also two governors who attend the trustee meetings.

As a governor you must hold an enhanced certificate from the Disclosure and Barring Service which we can process for you. You are also expected to undertake relevant training required for the role.

If you are interested in joining our Governors, please email Csilla Vekony, Clerk to the Governors here, outlining the skills and experience that you would bring to the role. We would be pleased to show you the school or college and to further discuss what the role of governor involves.


For more information about our Decision-making and Consultative bodies at St. John’s please click here.

School Governors:

1.   Karen Nicholls Chair of school governors, trustee School
2.   Meryl Cumber Governor School
3.   Kathleen Squince Governor School
4.   Galina Mendes Governor School
5.   Margaret Rooms LA appointed governor School
6.   Maurice O’Connell Governor School
7.   Sarah Jordan Staff governor, education School
8.   Freya Dunn Staff governor, residential School

*Safeguarding and Prevent governor

College Governors:

1.   Caroline Bell Chair of college governors, trustee, parent and safeguarding governor College
2.   Mohit Bajaj Governor College
3.   Peter Mullarky Governor College
4.   David Rodgers Governor College
5.   Vai Cheung Governor College
6.   Loki Gray Staff governor, education College
7.   Zara Preston Staff governor, education College
8.   Rosie Puttock-West Staff governor, residential College
9.   Mike Seeney Governor College

*Safeguarding and Prevent governor


1.   Chair of trustees: Simon Smith Trustee/Trustee finance/Estates sub-committee
2.   Mr Bill Catchpole Trustee/Trustee finance/Estates sub-committee
3.   Mrs Anna Thatcher Trustee
4.   Mrs Linda McMillan Trustee
5.   Mrs Mary Fawcett Trustee
6.   Mr Peter Redwood Trustee/Trustee finance
7.   Ms Karen Nicholls Trustee/Governor
8.  Ms Nadia Cowdrey Trustee
9.  Caroline Bell Trustee