Ethos & Values

Mission Statement

St. John’s is a charity that provides education, care and therapy for children and young people with complex behaviours from 7- 25, based in Brighton and Seaford. We offer training across the region and sector.

St. John’s is about improving lives by making a practical difference to the learners who access our services and by embracing their unique diversity. Our core mission is to enable our learners to achieve aspirational goals and to live their lives to the full. Recognising the complexity and scale of this task we focus our work around five placement outcomes which inform and guide all that we do:

  • We promote wellbeing, the basis of effective learning

  • We develop communication, the basis of engagement in society

  • We focus on skill development, the basis of a productive life

  • At all times we promote independence, a fundamental human right

  • We passionately believe that all our students can be employed, in some form, during their lives.

Vision Statement

We aim to be a regional and national leader in transforming the lives of young people with complex learning needs through an innovative, evidence-based and compassionate approach to learning. This means that we:

  • Continually strive to strengthen the positive impact we have on our learners, transforming their lives, as well as our own, through our work
  • Aspire to become known as an organisation that makes a difference and to be a valued member of the local and regional offer by working in partnership with other providers
  • Continually strive to innovate and find new and more effective ways to educate, enable and serve our learners and their families 
  • Sustain rigour in our work by holding high standards and expectations for both our learners and for ourselves; celebrating our successes but learning when things don’t go as planned
  • Approach our work with compassion by acknowledging the whole person, working with integrity and care; accepting young people where they are, and moving them forward, without sacrificing standards or expectations
  • Recognise that our staff team are our most precious asset and strive to support and develop their skills and talents
  • Strive to be a sustainable charity that has a positive impact on our communities and the natural world.

Fundamental Values

St. John’s School and College provide a waking day curriculum which prepares all children, young people & adults well for a successful life. Fundamental values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different backgrounds, faiths and beliefs are promoted throughout the provision. There is a full range of teaching and learning activities that encourage the young peoples’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and where appropriate, learners are supported to explore personal, social and ethical issues within safe and supportive environments. St. John’s recognises that the fundamental and functional skills of literacy, numeracy and IT underpin all our five placement outcomes.