If you are interested in a placement at St. John’s, please contact our Admissions Manager, Liz Coles. She will be able to talk through any issues or questions you may have, organise informal visits and advise you on the admissions process.

We are pleased to have been meeting the needs of young people from all across the country and have worked with a wide variety of local authorities.

Before starting at St. John’s, all learners will have an assessment. This will involve key members of staff looking carefully at reports and available documentation, the learner spending one or two days at St. John’s and sometimes our staff visiting the learner at home or in their current placement.

St. John’s can only make an offer of placement once a formal request has been received from the Local Authority, Connexions or Social Services. The only exception to this will be in the case of a privately funded place being sought. Liz is happy to talk you through this process.

We are also happy to discuss the placement of learners from overseas.

Liz Coles
Admissions Manager
St. John’s School and College
Walpole Road
Telephone: 01273 244008