Celebrating difference through art

A picture of a clay elephant in different shades of blue, looking straight at the viewer.

Learners at St. John’s School in Seaford have been producing some amazing pieces of art this term.

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the National Autistic Society, they created an Autism Acceptance Week jigsaw puzzle with 60 pieces. This was a whole-school project that involved students and staff. This piece celebrates our differences and equality and is now on display in the School’s reception.

“Students also experimented with clay and created sculptures, including these clay sculptures of a frog and an angel cat. This project then evolved into Fimo sculpting and moulding where students experimented with Fimo moulding and different colour and texture techniques,” says art teacher Sara Gil. “They then created their own sculptures, applying the techniques they had learned and exploring new ones. You can see the evolution from the clay angel cat to the Fimo angel cat.” 

The elephant was designed and created by a student to give it to her younger brother. The elephant is her favourite animal, and blues and greys are his favourite colours.

The tile project was a whole-school, large scale project that will be concluded after the 2022 summer holidays. Students and staff made and are now decorating 200 tiles by hand. Once completed, we will be creating one or two panels for display at the School.

Hope you like our artworks – you can see them all on our Instagram page!

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