College View Marathon Fundraiser 2020

College View Marathon Fundraiser 2020

On 25th April 2020, Fiona Coutts, Residential Manager of College View house, walked and ran around the Astroturf A LOT of times as part of the fundraiser.

The money raised was for the charity to contribute towards new gardening equipment for the young men in her residential house. Various members of her team and others came to support, including half the Senior Leadership Team and the CEO’s dog! We wanted to do this blog post in honour of the fantastic achievements that Fiona, her team and all who helped and contributed towards them. Anything over their target of £2000.00 was donated to the NHS charities, in honour of the ongoing hard work they do but particularly during COVID-19 – a time difficult for all globally.

The CEO, his dog and a young man who accesses our services

This message from Fiona was published on our intranet: “So today we are finalising the fundraising from the College View marathon. I would like to say a huge thanks to everyone who donated and supported in some way, it really has been very much appreciated. On a personal note, I would obviously like to pay credit to my incredible team and learners, who kept me going throughout the day, and also to Sian Hamilton from HR, who supported and promoted us on St. John’s social media. Our grand total was an awe inspiring and humbling £3,113.94. £2000 will be spent on the College View garden fund, and the other £1113.94 will go to NHS charities. Thanks Fiona”

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