The Equality Act 2010 sets out that all public bodies will publish equalities objectives every four years. We have identified the equalities objectives that St. John’s has chosen to focus on from 2017 to 2021.

We recognise and take seriously our responsibility as an employer and provider of a service to improve equality, diversity and inclusion in St. John’s.

Objective 1

All our policies will be thoroughly assessed for the impact they have on equalities and diversity.

1.1 Policies inform practice , so it is important that we get the basics in place such that our policy formulation process takes equalities into account from the starting point.

1.2 Governors will be encouraged to support and challenge policy writers on this specific issue when they consider policy ratification.

Success criteria:

  • All policies from 2017 onwards have been scrutinised by a staff member with the specific remit for equalities and governor minutes reflect their scrutiny of the issue.

Objective 2

St. John’s will place renewed focus on promoting the voice of those learners with the most complex of communication difficulties.

2.1 All our colleagues working in the well-being teams (therapy, nursing, counselling etc.) will develop and refine existing procedures for gaining feedback from this group of learners .

2.2 Learners who are non-verbal or rarely verbal will receive extra and additional support to help them communicate their views and concerns.

Success criteria

  • School and College council minutes and learner voice surveys reflect the views of complex learners and this can be evidenced dearly against the Pathway in which they are based.

Objective 3

St. John’s will continue to work hard to ensure that the staff profile reflects the community and society from which we recruit.

3.1 St. John’s will renew its commitment to become a stonewall Champion and ensure that these values are reflected across the organisation.

3.2 St. John’s will increase its commitment to attract and retain staff with autism and other complex needs similar to our learner profile.

Success criteria

  • Recruitment records dearly identify that we are recruiting staff from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and more staff with autism or other complex needs.