Safeguarding Policy & Procedure SEPT 18

It is important that all young people at St. John’s stay safe, are happy and enjoy life.

If you have a concern about how you have been treated or someone has hurt you, you need to ask for help straight away.

St. John’s has a team of people who will make sure that you get the help you need. They are called the safeguarding team. Find out who they are here:

We are all responsible for safeguarding

Staff at St. John’s School and College work together to ensure that within all learning and residential environments human values are promoted. All learners and staff are protected from harassment, bullying and discrimination. All forms of equality are promoted whereby there is a fostering of understanding and respect for people of all faiths, (or those with no faith), races, genders, ages, disability, and sexual orientations.

St John’s has very effective safeguarding practices and will take guided preventative measures to protect learners from the risk of radicalisation, extremism and forms of abuse, grooming and bullying.  Learners are assessed and closely monitored with their use of the internet and educated in the risks associated with using social media sites.