The Skills 4 Life learning programme is delivered by a transdisciplinary team of therapists and education staff, who structure practical based teaching and learning to ensure that learners develop increasing levels of independence in the performance of daily living tasks. Functional skills are embedded within all learning activities.

Skills 4 Life Programme Elements include:

  • Food Preparation – Choosing and planning a menu, shopping for ingredients, following a recipe and preparing light snacks and meals.
  • Home Budgeting – Managing weekly income and expenditure.
  • Home Safety – Safety in the kitchen and living areas.
  • Travel Training (Road safety, using public transport).
  • Community Access (Travel training, interaction with public amenities and services, local business.
  • Leisure and physical recreation – physical fitness activities, relaxation, accessing community facilities and participation in various leisure activities.
  • Integrated working with residential staff and close collaborative work with parents and carers ensures that these daily living skills are transferred into the home environments and sustained into adult life.