Trusts and Foundations

Helping to deliver your trust’s outcomes

St. John’s depends on the support of grant making bodies to deliver projects and activities not directly funded by our learners’ fees which are generally paid for by local authorities working with increasingly tight budgets. The high aspirations we have for our learners and our focus on improving their outcomes for well-being, communication, skills development, independence, and employability is reflected in the ambitious projects that we are working hard to deliver.

St. John’s can help to deliver your trust’s outcomes for:

  • Children and young people
  • Education
  • Vocational training and access to work
  • Disabilities
  • Mental health
  • Social justice
  • Music and the arts

St. John’s has a range of capital and operational projects, both ongoing and in the planning stages, that could present your organisation with the opportunity to deliver your desired outcomes via a charity with over 144 years of experience in the field. The experience and resources offered by St. John’s can give you confidence that your donation will offer value for money and will deliver the project that you were asked to support.

We are committed to providing high quality information to trusts and foundations including detailed proposals with clear budgets to fit your area of interest and regular update reports once you have funded our work.

If the charitable objectives of your organisation could include making a positive difference in the lives of young people with complex learning and other needs then we would like you to consider supporting St. John’s School and College.

Our website, and our most recent signed accounts contain lots of information about our work, but you can also contact our fundraising officer on 01273 244000 or email David Smith, Fundraising Manager.