Counselling offers learners a safe place to work through emotional issues at their own pace. Learners can be seen on an on-going weekly basis or when they are in crisis.

Learners present for counselling with: difficulty in naming and understanding feelings, difficulty in forming relationships, bereavement, mental health issues, the effects of early trauma, family difficulties, identity issues, issues with body image and food, low self-esteem, issues around ‘special needs’.

Our counselling services:

  • Daily “Mindfulness” sessions get our students ‘fit for learning’
  • Counselling from BACP accredited practitioners for as long as learners need it for any issue
  • Flexible therapeutic approach offering arts, play, talking and drama based approaches
  • Women’s groups that help our learners to be safe now and in the future
  • Strong links with care and education, providing a joined up approach for learners with mental health issues