Our Occupational Therapists help learners to participate in desired daily life activities, leading them towards independent, productive and satisfying lives.

They help to build skills, self-confidence, and self-esteem through:

  • Assessing and devising strategies for sensory processing difficulties, particularly those which affect behaviour
  • Supporting learners to develop motor and process skills, including coordination and fine motor skills (such as using cutlery, or tying shoe laces), and sequencing and motor planning everyday tasks (such as making a sandwich).
  • Helping learners to develop and maintain independent living skills such as dressing, cleaning teeth, making a snack, or travel training.
  • Supporting learners in work experience for instance by analysing and matching tasks to the individual student’s strengths.
  • Working with learners to develop their social skills in personal, social and work relationships.
  • Preparing learners for transition both on arrival at St. John’s and towards future adult life when they leave.