St. John’s offers weekly, termly and 52 week residential placements to learners at both the School and College. We have 11 dedicated residential homes, with 5 located in Seaford and 6 in Brighton. Each house is unique, providing high quality, person centred care and support to our diverse population of learners.

All of the residential houses within St. John’s accommodate groups of learners.  This enables them to learn respect, patience and understanding with and for those around them. Encouraging working together promotes more socially acceptable behaviour.  It also gives our learners a sense of community and a feeling of security, trust and belonging.

The staffing levels are such that the ratio between staff and learners provides opportunities for one to one work and these are further supported by the Care Managers & Head of Care who provide additional support.

Furthermore, each learner has their own single room, which they are encouraged to personalise, enabling them to identify the room as their own personal space.  Should they wish to spend time away from the larger group, then their room provides a space for this.