PRE 19

The needs of our pre-19 resident learners range from those who require assistance to carry out basic daily tasks, such as washing and dressing, to those who are totally independent and only require staff to continue to support them with regard to their behaviour and the more taxing tasks such as budgeting and the essential skills needed for independent living. All residential groups are arranged based on assessed need and compatibility, rather than ability or disability.

All learners in the residential homes are able to use the school and college grounds and facilities for enrichment activities.

Learners are encouraged to personalise their rooms with pictures/posters and personal belongings and where necessary are supported in doing this.

There are currently four houses in our pre-19 service.

View our Pre-19 Statement of Purpose Here


Seaford house is situated within the school grounds. There are 4 bedrooms, one of which has an en-suite bathroom, with a shared bathroom for other rooms. It has a large communal lounge and dining area, kitchen, laundry room and its own enclosed garden space with decked area. The house is able to accommodate learners of varying needs.  It also has its own self contained garden with decking and lawn.


Meadow View is currently an all Female Residential House, with 4 beds.  It is a small but homely provision, including 2 en-suite bedrooms and two other single bedrooms that share a large wet room.  It has a communal lounge, Kitchen/diner and laundry room.  Meadow View is situated on the first floor of the main School building.


The Heights is situated on the top floor of the School building, boasting fantastic views across to the Sea and Seaford Head. It currently has 3 learners residing, with three bedrooms, 2 shower rooms and a bathroom. It also has a communal lounge, kitchen, and dining room with a separate lounge for those times that our young people require extra space and chill out time.


Beach House is located on the 1st floor of the main school building, it has 5 bedrooms. There are 3 shared bathrooms, a large communal space, kitchen and large dining area.  Beach house overlooks all of the School grounds and has lovely views across Seaford.