The School curriculum is based around a clear focus on :

  • English and Mathematics taught discretely but also integrated into all lessons
  • A broad and balanced curriculum coverage of the other National Curriculum subjects
  • A strong focus on PSHE
  • ICT integrated and functional rather than taught discretely
  • A topic-based approach using the John Muir Award and a termly  thematic approach
  • A strong focus on Outdoor Learning and PE and Sport
  • From year 10 option where CYP can choose subjects to study based upon their interests

Core subjects such as English and Mathematics follow National Curriculum progression stages.

We recognise that some learners make small steps of progress and thus we use Connecting Steps to track their progress.

Key outcomes

Underlying  all subjects and all key stages are our five placement outcomes:

  • Well-being
  • Communication
  • Skills
  • Independence
  • Employability

Wherever you go in St. John’s school, you will find these five areas underlying each and every lesson or session.