Safer Internet Day 2020

We once again will be supporting Safer Internet Day at here at St. John’s. We will be covering a range of internet safety issues, and finding out how we can make the internet a better place. 



E-safety resources

See below for resources and downloads to help you stay safe online. (All links open in new windows.)

Check out the video below to see our playlist. The videos were all created for the safer internet day, we used a range of technology to create them such as iPads, Green screen and iMovie. We also surveyed staff and students to collate the information for the video.

The videos in the following playlist are all made by our learners. Using a variety of video production and editing software all on iPad. Using Green Screen & Animation by Do Ink, Touchcast, iMovie, and Google Apps For Education. Credits done in iMovie on a Mac.


At St. John’s we use the acronym S.M.A.R.T. Below you will find a short explanation of each letter and a link to download a poster.

  • Safe – Keep personal details safe. e.g. your name, address, phone number or date of birth
    SMART poster - Safe
  • Meeting – Be careful meeting people you have inly met online
    Smart poster M - Meeting
  • Accepting – Messages such as emails and SMS may contain viruses or abusive material
    Smart poster A - Accepting
  • Reliable – Not everything you read online might be true. It is easy to lie on the internet
    Smart poster R - Reliable
  • Tell – If in any doubt talk to someone you trust. Block and Report
    Smart poster T - Tell


Social Media Do’s and Don’ts: a handy guide.

Click here to download a helpful document on how to stay safe on Facebook, and take control of what you share and to who.