St. John’s offers an inclusive environment for Children and Young People (CYP) with Autism and or associated difficulties that impact upon their learning, social, emotional and/or behaviour, that are too complex for many mainstream educational settings to support.

Many CYP at St. John’s have complex diagnoses – their needs do not always fit into a single or simple diagnosis, and therefore all CYP are individually assessed, and their programmes individually designed to meet their specific needs.

St. John’s supports a wide range of CYP with additional and specific needs.

In particular, we support young people from 7-19 who:

  • Find communication and interaction difficult
  • Have complex behaviours
  • Experience difficulties  with their social and emotional functioning
  • Require personalised community-based programmes of study
  • Alongside one of these needs identified above  are also  struggling with issues around identity
  • May require residential provision up to,  and including 38 week provision