During the September 17 inspection, the school residential service was graded as outstanding for the third consecutive year.

The residential provision for the school currently runs 7 days a week during term time only. There are a number of residential packages available ranging from a termly placement, fortnightly boarding to a Monday – Friday placement and anything in between. The accommodation is all based on the main school site, offering the resident young people the opportunity to make full use of the facilities both in the evenings and at weekends.

The needs of our school resident learners range from those who require assistance to carry out basic daily tasks, such as washing and dressing, to those who are totally independent and only require staff to continue to support them with regard to their behaviour and the more taxing tasks such as budgeting and the essential skills needed for independent living.

The learning and progress needs of the individuals are paramount. These, plus their likes and dislikes, social groupings, friendships and safety are used to inform decisions relating to residential allocation.

We try at all times to balance the needs of the individual and the group. This is always highly complex and will at times require an element of compromise.

Learners are encouraged to personalise their rooms with pictures/posters and personal belongings and where necessary are supported in doing this.

For more information, download the Young Persons Guide and view our Statement of purpose.


St. John’s is based in the quiet coastal town of Seaford. The location allows for graduated steps towards independence in a safe town. There a great transport links to the City of Brighton and larger towns such as Eastbourne. Children and young people at the school are supported to a level appropriate to their needs and abilities when accessing the local community.
The Heights, Rainbow View and Seaford House are all based on the school site. All houses may be home to children and young people who at times can display behaviours that challenge and/ or experience high levels of difficulty with transitions to and from school. The design of each house takes this into account, offering a flexible environment which can be used positively to support children and young people at times of crisis, as well as making the area as safe and appropriate as possible whilst maintaining a level of freedom for the children and young people. The staffing levels enable the team to proactively support children and young people to manage their own behaviour. All accommodation supports children and young people with a range of skills and abilities with regard to personal care.
Staffing numbers are designed around each young person’s need. Children and young people who require lower than 1:1 support staffing are supported on a 1:2 basis. Each house is overseen throughout the night by at least two Waking Night Support Workers.
Seaford House is a standalone house on the school site. It has capacity for eight children and young people.
The Heights has capacity for five children and young people. This accommodation is on the top floor of the main school building
We have combined Beach House and Meadow View and they are now known as Rainbow View and Rainbow View Too. Rainbow View Too is located on the second floor of the main school building. This was newly created in 2014 and has capacity for five children and young people.
Rainbow View is also located on the second floor of the main school building. This was newly created in 2015 and has capacity for four children and young people.


We are dedicated to ensuring the safeguarding of adults and children – to find out more, read our Safeguarding Policy & Procedure.