Our highly qualified specialist teams have accrued many years of experience working with young people who have Autism Spectrum Conditions, complex and severe learning disabilities.

The Wellbeing Team understands the importance of being well and ready to learn. We pride ourselves in supporting learners to attain a level of health and wellbeing that enables each individual to engage effectively with their own learning. For some learners, this means ensuring they have the correct communication and visual aids to transfer confidently between sessions. For others its supporting the management of anxieties and being mindful of the need for a quiet low arousal environment. Yet others need specific support with medical needs like allergies, diabetes and epilepsy.   Some of our learners also need support with their mental health and general well being due to low self-esteem, poor social communication or previous experiences which have had a significant impact on how they view themselves and the world around them.

Our wellbeing team

The team includes Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Counsellors and a Nursing Team. Physiotherapy is available if required and we have our own psychology assistants who work with psychologists who are engaged when required to support individual learner needs.

Behaviour support

We also have a strong Behaviour Support Team who, through positive behaviour support, will enable learners to manage their anxieties and any subsequent behaviour that may arise. All staff at St. John’s are trained in behaviour support and this provides a safe environment where trust can be developed and significant progress can be made.