Community Integration

Community Integration

Community integration supports learners to fully access the adult community (within and external to the college) providing meaningful life experiences applicable to future living.

Learners will develop skills in knowing oneself; building confidence, recognising self-worth, owning problem solving strategies and knowing who can help. This curriculum learning area promotes skills in team building, working with others to achieve a single goal, assertiveness, having a voice, negotiation, accepting others’ opinions and resilience.


There is a focus on helping learners to understand their emotional and sensory needs where the multidisciplinary team support the learners to apply self-regulation techniques.

All learners access and improve their engagement with the public community, inclusive of a comprehensive travel training scheme. Learners are encouraged to plan and organise access to community areas or activities to experience inclusive citizenship, leisure interests, social autonomy, safety and self-advocacy, forming part of our PSHE programme.

British values are embedded throughout the curriculum.

SRE support is planned and delivered on an individual bespoke basis according to learner needs.