A curriculum area that offers learning in key purposeful activities that may stimulate future aspirations, areas of self-interest, or to support skill development in conjunction with work placements and future employment. Subjects are taught by teachers who are specialists within each subject area. 

Learning is through practical engagement, individualised to the cognitive abilities of the learner, and structured and delivered in a way to ensure accessibility, increased independence and success.

The self-enrichment curriculum area supports learning in communication and social interactions; enterprise; and everyday living skills such as planning, problem solving, sequencing and sorting. 


 We offer the following subjects – Creative Arts, Performing Arts, Music, Catering, Creative media (photography, digital imagery, video), IT Users, Sport and Gardening


Learners can achieve accredited Awards and Certificates at varying levels up to Level 1.

Where relevant and appropriate, learners will have an opportunity to progress to further vocational learning at local mainstream FE colleges.