Transition Support

Transitioning at St. John’s…

We recognise that transition is a stressful, emotional and challenging time for parents, children & young people alike.

St. John’s has a dedicated transition team, who will work with parents and young people to help achieve the best possible future placements post education.

The transition team have strong links with the local community and outside agencies, and will work with you to explore options supporting you and learners through the process of moving on.

Case Studies:

Young Person X’s Story

X attended St. John’s School for 9 years then transferred to the college for a further 3 years. He had an interest in cooking and café work. He enjoyed work-based learning at our on-site café Scrummies and undertook an external work placement at the Buddhist Centre, cooking lunches for the staff.

To extend his practical skills, he was supported by St. John’s to access catering courses at the Met College in Brighton. Here he progressed after completing the Level 1 Culinary skills Certificate to a Level 2 Diploma in Professional Cookery. X also achieved qualifications in Functional Mathematics and English skills.

Young Person Y’s Story

Y attended St. John’s as a day learner for three years. During her time at St. John’s Y enjoyed Art and Scrummies Café sessions. Post St. John’s and with the support of her family she has set up a micro enterprise project, designing and printing cards, which are sold in shops in the local community. She also attends Team Domenica on a supported work placement and accesses local day services.



Young Person Z’s Story

Z attended St. Johns school for three years then transferred to the college for a further four years.

During his time at the college Z explored the subject of Creative Media and decided that he would eventually like to find employment in this area. To achieve this aim, Z was supported to attend The MET College in Brighton where he successfully completed a Diploma in Creative Media Production at Level 2 and at Level 3, he also achieved the Extended Diploma in Creative Media Production.

Post St. John’s he is continuing his studies undertaking a BA Hons Degree at The MET College. He moved from St. John’s residential provision into a supported flat in Brighton.



Our transition team provide services including:

  • Working as part of the initial assessment team on arrival at St. John’s to find out what learners’ aspirations are and help achieve them
  • Supporting learners by coordinating and leading regular transition planning meetings
  • Support learners by researching, identifying and visiting future services and living arrangements in collaboration with the family and outside agencies
  • Attend Annual Reviews to support transition planning to ensure learners aspirations are considered throughout the process and, if necessary, facilitate independent advocacy services
  • Arrange Alumni events for ex-learners to keep in touch. Our Alumni Facebook page can be found here

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