Therapy services

Therapy services

St. John’s therapy team includes speech and language therapy (SaLT), occupational therapy (OT), physiotherapy, music therapy and counselling. All of our learners have access to weekly group therapy sessions (which are jointly planned and led by a member of the SaLT and OT teams), as part of their education provision, as well as direct one-to-one therapy sessions in any of the aforementioned therapies where this is outlined in their EHCPs. The SaLT and OT teams also provide integrated support and guidance in the classroom, residential, and external settings, as well as ongoing training and guidance for our staff teams.

Our highly qualified specialist therapy teams have accrued many years of experience in working with children and young people on the autism spectrum who also have learning disabilities and co-occurring conditions.

Meet our college therapy team

 Alexandra Harris, Autism Lead and Head of Therapy

 Amber Dampney, Lead Speech & Language Therapist

Emma Bain, Speech & Language Therapist

Jessie Cassar, Speech & Language Therapist

Naomie Mullarkey, Speech & Language Therapy Assistant

Kitty Marshall, Speech & Language Therapy Assistant

Sarah Mole, Lead Occupational Therapist

Karla Brazel, Occupational Therapist

Fiona Richardson, Occupational Therapist

Sarah Taraz, Occupational Therapist

Martha Thompson, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Maria Leal Segura, Occupational Therapy Assistant