Work Ready

Work Ready

Work Ready responds to raising the aspirations and potential outcomes of our learners – from ensuring they can participate in purposeful activities in the community to paid employment with increasing independence.

Work Based Learning and Enterprise provide initial work ready skills, supporting the transference of functional skills, team co-operation, following instructions and group decision making. 

Exciting opportunities in college and the community include:

Soup Dragons (catering enterprise), The Print Shop (creative design team and a web shop team),

Grounds Team (site maintenance)

Productions, Student Band, Hospital Radio and Open Mic Nights (learner performance events)

Business Solutions (office and resource production)

John Muir (community conservation)

Zest (car valeting)

Internal and external work placements progress towards employment destination pathways and develop the skills to secure meaningful life opportunities.  Information, Advice and Guidance support learners in making informed decisions about their future.

St. John’s continues to work with external partners to ensure a range of external work experience placements, to support each learners’ successful transition.

Work Experience

Here at St. John’s we believe that everyone is employable, and we are proud to be part of the changing culture around people with learning disabilities being in work.

One of the key outcomes for our young people is employability, and we include work experience placements as part of our curriculum from year one and throughout.

Work Experience Programme

Our work experience programme covers a wide range of industries to suit all of our students’ varied aspirations and we encourage students to take part in as many different sessions as they would like.

We have formed invaluable partnerships with leading businesses in the city who offer a realistic, supportive and individualized environment in which our young people can learn transferable employability skills as well as being mentored in their chosen industry.

Some of our young people go on to work in various industries. One young man in our college works at Southwick Football Club on Saturdays as a ‘ball boy’. Another young man has a part time job in Sainbury’s alongside his college schedule. It really depends on the individual.

The Bevy Pub Brighton

Some of our young people undertake work experience placements with The Bevy Pub in Brighton, where Catherine who used to head up our on-site college cafe now works and we have a good working relationship with the company. The work placements between St. John’s and the Bevy are invaluable to our students by empowering them through obtaining workplace skills, Health and Safety regulations and preparing them for the challenges and rewards of employment.

You can visit the Bevy’s website here.

Work Related Learning Opportunities

Scrummies Café

This Work Related Learning project was first successfully piloted with St. John’s Scrummies Café in 2014.

The cafe prepares and serves food to over 200 people a day, 5 days a week. Learners carry out a variety of key roles that ensure the professional preparation and serving of breakfast, lunch and hot drinks. Working to industry standards and alongside catering professionals, learners develop skills, knowledge and work behaviours relevant to the work place and vital to the hospitality and catering industry.

Scrummies Deli

St. John’s off-shoot hospitality and catering enterprise produces food products for Infinity Health Food shop and prepares and serves food in community venues such as the World Peace Café and Bevy Community Pub.

The Deli supports the development of skills and knowledge relating to: food production, quality control, food packing and labelling, safe storage, food safety/hygiene, preparation methods/techniques, working in a team and customer service skills.

St. John’s is fortunate to have Café Domenica as a key strategic partner and we work closely with them in the city. Please see their website:



Zest Car Valeting

St. John’s car valeting project, working in partnership with Zest 4 Success, a local training company specialising in training people with learning disabilities and autism on skills for the workplace training centred around a professional car valet service.

This supports the development of skills and knowledge relating to: car valeting products, techniques and procedures, alongside teamwork and customer service skills.


St. John’s gardening and horticulture project, contributes to the maintenance of our outdoor spaces, cultivation, care and preparation of plants for sale in the community and use in Scrummies Café and the Edendum Restaurant.

Supports the development of skills and knowledge relating to: plant varieties, maintaining plants, safe use of equipment and tools, quality control, processing plants, production of plant products for sale.


St. John’s stationery and administrative support team, overseeing the ordering and distribution of stationery supplies to all departments including: HR, Finance, Marketing, Education and Residential.

Supports the development of skills and knowledge relating to: communication for work, processing orders, email for work, safe lifting and handling, customer service and skills for independence.


Inklusion Print

St. John’s dedicated social enterprise serving the charity’s print and marketing needs alongside the production of a variety of print based products and professional design & print services to the local community.

Supports the development of skills and knowledge relating to: use of design software, print technology/processes, the operation of industry standard equipment including heat press, large format printers, working in a team and customer service skills.