Data from Governors Meeting re School Accreditations:


Accreditation data – 2019 – 2020 

September saw a strong start across the board in learning at the school. Reading and STAR tests were completed as part of the accelerated reader programme. Phonics input was given where needed and some formal exams were sat before the implications of Covid-19 in April 2020.  

During lockdown remote learning was implemented and whether it was online via Zoom, through phone calls or posted resource packs we saw a significant increase on 1st time exam pass rates and other qualifications such as AQA’S and Asdan.  

Below is a list of the qualifications that were passed:


Maths Entry Level 1 x 3

Maths Entry 2  x 2

English Entry 1  x 1

English Entry 2  x 1

English Level 1  x 1

Home cooking Level 1  x 2


Sports leadership  x 3


The children and young people have also completed over 300 AQAs in residential, education and from home during the lockdown, this is a significant increase from the previous year only 50 AQAs were completed. We ensured that parents sent in the evidence of AQA units that fit the criteria, assessed these in-house and verified the achievements.     

At the start of the academic year we also introduced ASDAN to work alongside our core subjects. We ensured that there were personalised credits and learning programmes for each CYP. They gained credits in English, gardening, computing, road wise and independent living skills.  Due to the success that the CYP have had in education with the new ASDAN award and how well residential are doing with AQAs, education staff are now working with residential staff to support CYP in completing residential related ASDAN credits.  

Finally, after months of hard work, in June 2020 we were finally granted recognition to be able to conduct GCSE and GCE examinations in our school with Pearson.  


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