Placement at St. John’s

If you are interested in a placement at St. John’s, please contact our Admissions team. They will be able to talk through any issues or questions you may have, organise informal tours of the school or college and advise you on the admissions process. For more information on our admissions process, please click here to see our Admissions Policy. Please note that we have adapted aspects of our admissions process temporarily due to the Covid-19 pandemic to ensure we are adhering to the government guidelines.

Please click here to see our digital prospectus.

St. John’s children and young people come from across the country and we work with around 30 local authorities.

Before starting at St. John’s all children, young people & adults will have an assessment. This will involve key members of staff looking carefully at reports and available documentation, the student spending one or two days at St. John’s and sometimes our staff visiting the student at home or in their current placement. In certain circumstances, we may admit a young adult without an EHCP. Please discuss this with our admissions team.

For more information, requesting an application form, or booking a tour, students or parents/carers should contact the St. John’s Admissions and Transitions Team.

Information Downloads:

Contact Admissions

St. John's School Admissions

For the school – children and young people aged 7 to 19 years

Sue Evans
T: 01323 872953

Local authority professionals should contact our admissions manager, if they would like to make a referral for either the school or college, discuss a possible placement, or fees.

Liz Coles 
T: 01273 244008