Fran Pass

I am proud to be Head Teacher of St. John’s School (Seaford); a school where every child/ young person is unique and valued for who they are. We aim to work as a family to achieve stretching standards and develop independence. We want our children/young people to become confident individuals whose unique qualities and SEND diagnosis is seen as a strength not a disability. St. John’s School allows everyone to grow in confidence. We work hard to ensure that our children/young people are actively engaged in a broad, balanced, meaningful and stretching curriculum that challenges them to do their very best.

Our children and young people are at the heart of what we do and through the student council we are able to listen to their views about their education.

As Head Teacher, I am committed to a school that is a learning environment for all.

I aspire to provide inspirational, high quality leadership, where the staff team also feel empowered to also be inspirational leaders at every level.

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