Lia Timmins

I joined St. John’s as a Care Worker in 2014 having previously studied Animal Management and a three-year Foundation Degree in Animal Sciences at the University of Brighton.

Since joining St. John’s, I have undertaken various roles within the Care Department such as Senior Care Worker and Residential Team Leader. Since April 2018 I have been in post as a Registered Care Manager, overseeing, developing, planning for, and managing Pier View, in the post 19 service. I have most recently taken on the management of a second house, Cornerways and am looking forward to working across both houses and teams to continually raise the bar to provide the best service we can to the young adults in our care.  

I have my NVQ level 3 in Adult Health and Social Care and I have now completed my NVQ level 5 in Adult Health and Social Care.

I am part of a team of 5 Care Managers who take responsibility for the day to day running of specific houses. Collectively, our passion is to offer each individual residential learner the best experience of being at St. John’s. Both individually and as a team of managers, we strive to constantly seek new ways to enrich the lives of our young people, offer opportunities, encourage independence as well as working with a highly person-centred approach to gain the best outcomes for the young people in our care.

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