Team Domenica and SerenEco

We want to share our appreciation and gratitude for the two wonderful organisations below who have become contractors for us this year. Thank you for all your hard work and for keeping our colleagues safe and working in a clean environment and well-fed!

Team Domenica

Team Domenica are a Brighton-based enterprise charity for people with learning disabilities, with an aim to building employability skills and enabling them to gain value in the workplace. TD took over the running of our college-site kitchen and cafe in Brighton in February 2021. The food has been wonderful and we are really grateful for the lovely new colleagues who work for TD on site and have fit right in with our SJ’s community! Check out their website here: Website for Team Domenica.


SerenEco is a cleaning contractor company who have recently taken over the cleaning and covid safety of our sites in terms of hygiene. They are always really friendly, efficient and hardworking and we are really pleased with their work. Thank you for keeping our sites clean and covid-safe!

You can check out their website here: SerenEco website.

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