At St. John’s we feed our learners and staff, we maintain our buildings and grounds, we supply materials for our classrooms and offices, we fix our computers and printers. We do a lot to make sure our school and college provides the best possible service it can.

However, we believe that this feeding, maintaining, supplying, fixing and doing can not only be carried out by our staff; but by our learners as well.

This is Work Based Learning — A new and innovative curriculum that links the central functions and services of our organisation with the learning that we provide every day.

Learners are not simply doing a cooking lesson, they are preparing lunch in Scrummies Cafe. They are not having a woodwork session they are building shelves for Foundations. They are not just in an art lesson, they are producing designs for Inklusion.

By learning in this way, learners are acquiring vocational and practical skills for their future life in real working environments, not just in the classroom.

Explore the links below to find out more about each of our Work Based Learning areas: